Craig Booker
Body Builder
Staff, Department of Energy, Oak Ridge Tennessee

I injured my lower back in June 2002 as a result of a work-related incident. The pain was in my right lower back area. The pain intensified to the point where I was unable to stand, and was bedridden for days.


The pain began to radiate down my legs into my feet. It took 15 minutes just to get out of bed in the mornings. As a result of the pain I had to suspend my work outs at the gym, and I knew it was time to seek a professional for help.


A friend mentioned VAX-D treatment and a few days later I called for an appointment.

After the second treatment I felt better. Now, after completing the entire program I am back to my workouts and can sleep without pain.

I believe in VAX-D and would recommend to anyone with a similar condition.







Bob Borkenhagen
Head Football Coach
William Penn College, Oskaloosa, Iowa

I want to take the time to thank all of you for educating me on what I now consider to be one of the most sensible and cost effective ways to treat a herniated or ruptured disc. My son Chris suffered for about a year with a severe herniation at the L4-L5 level of the lower back.


This condition was a result of an attempt to lift a dock platform out of the water. After approximately a year of suffering with the pain and a severe loss of flexibility, he found himself in a position of having to give up something he really enjoyed doing, playing college football. Being a concerned father and coach, we visited a respected Sport Injury Clinic in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. After and MRI report confirmed the problem, we were given basically two options. The first was back surgery and the second was the conservative approach which involved physical therapy and basically not doing any physical activity that would irritate the ruptured disc.


After giving this some serious thought, I came to the conclusion that neither of these two options were acceptable. I really did not feel that the percentage rate for a full recovery was very good.

After hearing and reading about VAX-D Therapy, I decided that it was worth a try. I know both Chris and myself are very happy we decided to go with VAX-D. We finished therapy on January 11,1995 Chris had a follow up treatment in May 1995 and at that time was experiencing his full flexibility level with no discomfort. He was able to play his senior football season in the fall of 1995 without any problems, which made him very happy.


It was somewhat ironic that I had an incoming freshman this past fall come in with the same condition. Since he is from Illinois he decided to use the VAX-D clinic in Chicago, over our Christmas holiday break. So far he is experiencing the same positive results as Chris did. I would strongly recommend the VAX-D Therapy for any person looking for a bonafide and cost effective treatment for lower back pain. Thank you for a successful and rewarding experience.




Duane Brissell
Nashville Tennessee
I can now go shopping in stores with my wife, Martha Jo. Just a few weeks ago, I was in a wheelchair. Iíve had back pain for the last thirty years. My back go so bad over the past six months, that just standing to take a shower caused excruciating pain! I considered having surgery, but I put it off because I had friends who were still in pain after having back surgery.


While we were visiting my son in Illinois, Martha Jo saw an article in the St. Louis Post- Dispatch for a new type of lower back pain treatment called VAX-D. We called about it, and I then went over to the Back Pain Institute and talked with them. I then checked it out on the internet and decided to try VAX-D. Iíll be honest with youÖÖ..Iím glad I did!


I could feel an improvement after the very first treatment. It decompressed the discs which took off the pressure that was causing the pain. Now, I can walk! I get up in the morning pain free. Iím sure I felt like this before my back problems started, but itís been a long time. The other day I was out throwing a baseball with my grandson! It is really amazing!

Duane Brissell



Mathew J. Britton, M.D. FAAFF
Norcross Medical Associates, Norcross Georgia


For the last two years this office has been rendering care to patients suffering from intervertebral disc herniations, rupturesand degeneration using the VAX-D equipment. This technology is far superior to any other traditional techniques and procedures with better results than many surgeries.


It is a genuine pleasure to recommend this non-surgical treatment for the relief of these nerve compressing conditions.
I only wish more people knew about VAX-D.




Mathew J. Britton, M.D.
Medical Director,
Norcross Medical Associates



Robert Channey, M.D.
Assistant Surgeon General of the United States
Health and Human Services


I had a back problem in 1977. We found that the discs had deteriorated at the L4-L5 and L5-S1 area. In July of 1993, I ended up with excruciating pain in my back, and this time all of the way down the left leg to my toes. It wasnít until the latter part of September in 1993 that I found a program on TV about VAX-D. It looked like the thing, but I was suspicious. I called the office and made an appointment for the next day. At that time they did an extended exam on myself and recommended that I have an MRI. The MRI showed deterioration at the L4-L and L5--S1 areas. They recommended that I start on VAX-D and stay on it for 15 straight days, missing my weekends at the beach and on the boat.


I said, well itís worth a try, so I started. I was there one Saturday morning and was talking to another gentleman who was also a physician, and I said I thought this was doing well for my back but I was doubtful about the sciatic pain in my left leg. He was of the same opinion but we were going to continue on anyway. On the 27th of September, being my birthday, my family (which I have a large one) , took me for a seafood dinner down by the bay. All the way down and all the way back I could not get any relief from the aches in my back and particularly in my left leg.


I continued on with treatment and after the fifteenth session I only had a slight twinge occasionally. Since that day on, I am completely free of the pain in my back and my left leg. I jog the same as I used to, as I did last evening, not a very long one, down to the park and back. I cut the lawn, Iím back without any pain at all, and Iíve got to say that VAX-D was the thing that did it for me.

Robert Channey, M.D.

Assistant Surgeon General






Jim Cowles
Senior Vice President, Willis Corroon Corporation, Louisville Kentucky


I am Senior Vice President and Regional Director of Sales for Willis Corroon Corporation of Louisville, an Employee Benefits operation with offices in Lexington and Owensboro KY. The Kentucky operation for which I am responsible is both a Retail Broker and Third Party Administrator of Health Insurance Benefits. In addition , our sister division is the largest Third Party Administrator of self insured workerís compensation claims in Kentucky. It is safe to say that I have seen hundreds of back injuries in the health insurance and workerís comp arenas.

For over eight years now I have personally experienced a back problem. My problem is complicated by a rather serious degenerative problem in both the L4 and L5 area and results in persistent sciatica pain in my back, right hip and right leg into my foot. As a result, over the years I have had many tests and X-rays, as well as exposure to various forms of therapy. I have explored options with Orthopedic Surgeons, Neurosurgeons, Osteopaths and Chiropractors. Like so many others with my problem, I was advised not to have surgery until my problem worsens.

I recently learned of a new procedure performed on a machine called the ĎVAX-Dí. This rather sophisticated, computerized equipment actually stretches the lower vertebrae, taking pressure off the nerves and causing the disc material to decompress. A series of 15 to 30 treatments will often result in re-hydration of disks in many patients. While it may not work in every instance, I am convinced that immediate treatment of a back injury using VAX-D Therapy will result in a very high cure rate, with the worker returning to his or her job after only several weeks.

Unfortunately, because there is no VAX-D machine available in Louisville, I am having to drive approximately 260 miles round trip for treatment. I am heartened by the results to date and plan to continue treatment. I have just completed my 20th treatment and continue to see improvement. In my opinion, the difference in cost, time away from the job and overall results is reason enough to consider this treatment on a routine managed care basis.

I certainly would encourage Insurance carriers and Third Party Administrators to approve VAX-D Treatment. I have personally met other individuals who have been cured as a result of this treatment. In particular, one individual who actually had sciatic pain down both legs when he first started treatment. I saw him last Tuesday and he was finishing his 20th treatment. He said he was now well, and did not plan to come back. In my opinion, the difference in cost, time away from the job and overall results is reason enough to consider this treatment on a routine managed care basis.


Jim Cowles
Senior Vice President

Willis Corroon Corporation





Kathe Currie
Telephone Company Worker , Buena Park, California

My name Is Kathe Currie. I am a 48-year old telephone company worker. I have suffered with low back pain for about the last 5 years. I am not sure what initially brought on the problem, but over the last few years I have been treated by a chiropractor that only gave me temporary relief. The pain always returned.


My doctor sent me for an MRI, which revealed a 9mm herniated disc at the L4-L5 area, and a pinched sciatic nerve. The pain in my legs was constant. The doctor told me that the only relief would be surgery and sent me to an orthopedic surgeon.


Then a friend told be about the VAX-D treatment center in Tustin California. I decided to begin treatment on January 2, 2001. After only 4 or 5 treatments I began to feel much better. The pain in my legs was gone for the first time in 6 months.


I have now had 24 treatments and am happy to say that I am totally pain free. I highly recommend anyone with similar conditions to at least try VAX-D. It has definitely worked for me. I am grateful to have found a non-surgical remedy for my condition.



Kathe Currie




Gregory Dell
Minister, Euclid Avenue United Methodist Church, Oak Park Illinois


I am writing to share my experience of the VAX-D treatment and the results I experienced. It stated with a Neurosurgeon and he wasnít very optimistic. My two previous back surgeries (laminectomies) and a current MRI indicated that a third surgery would be problematic.

The surgeon said he would do the surgery, but, with its risk and poor prognosis, he suggested I consider the possibility of Ďliving with the painí being produced the double herniated L4-:L5 disc. It was impossible to sit for more than ten minutes and increasingly difficult to stand, walk, or at times even lie down.

It was at that point that I considered the possibility of flying to Washington DC for the VAX-D Treatment. I would receive, I was told, two treatments a day for nine consecutive days. Frankly, even after watching the video tape provided by the clinic, I was dubious.

As it turned out the only Ďordealí of the whole time was the plane trip to Washington. I had my first treatment the afternoon I arrived. After four treatments the pain was substantially reduced. By the end of the eighteen treatments the pain was completely gone for several days. When it returned it would be a bare whisper of its former intensity. I was told I would continue to improve after treatment. Again, I was dubious, but I was so relieved to be 95% functional I really didnít care.

As I write this, some ten weeks after my last treatment, I have marked four weeks without a single pain. The numbness is completely gone from my foot and I am functioning better than I was before the whole episode began. My thanks to you and those who designed and applied the VAX-D. It comes as close to an understandable miracle as anything I have experienced.


Gregory Dell



Sara Draper, P.T.
Physical Therapist, Dallas Texas

There are not words adequate to express my appreciation and gratitude for the kindness, encouragement and support shown me during my 6 weeks of treatments, not to mention the pain relief and benefits of the VAX-D treatments. I consider these treatments/therapy a Miracle drug with a capital M. My primary care doctor and the surgeon to whom she sent me both recommended surgery and saw that as the only way to go.

I am a physical therapist with 37 years of clinical practice and have seen my share of failed back surgeries and opted to search out and try all alternatives before submitting to surgery. By the grace of God, I learned about, the far too little known, VAX-D treatments.

My pain level was at a 10+ and I was taking maximum doses of prescription strength pain medication. I virtually crawled into the VAX-D Center in the hope of even minimal relief. I drove ~75 miles round trip daily for 6 weeks in order to receive the treatments. Neither the drive nor the treatments were comfortable at first but well worth the final results. I have done

the recommended exercises and followed all the lifting restrictions faithfully and will continue to do so; being a therapist myself I realize the importance of maintenance and realize the potential for re-injury as I return to work at this time.

My pain now at the end of 6 weeks of treatment with VAX-D is generally at 0; occasionally at 0.5 to 1 and I only occasionally need as much as 1 extra-strength Tylenol. You can imagine how grateful I am to have avoided surgery and be able to get on with my life.

I have and will continue to sing the praises and recommend this treatment to as many people as possible as I know others can benefit from this therapy as it hopefully become more widely known.

Sara Draper



Sandra Fallico, M.D.
Radiologist, Gottlieb Memorial Hospital,
Dept of Medical Imaging,
Melrose Park, Illinois

My name is Sandra Fallico, M.D. My first experience with the VAX-D program was as the diagnostic radiologist and physician, examining patients and their films to determine whether they were candidates for treatment, and then to monitor their progress.


I was so impressed with the many positive results that I sent my husband for treatment. He had severe back pain for many years, which was predominantly secondary to bony facet disease, with mild disc disease. He is a hardcore golf fanatic, and was incapacitated by his back pain. He underwent a full series of VAX-D treatments and has been virtually asymptomatic for five years. Unfortunately for me, he has been able to golf whenever he can!


This past March, while bending over to blow dry my hair, I suffered an acute L4-L5 disc herniation, which was so severe, I required hospitalization. I started the usual painkiller, muscle relaxant / anti-inflammatory regime, with no significant relief. During this two week period (also seeing a chiropractor), my husband kept nagging me to go down and start VAX-D. But, as the typical physician, I was full of excuses and was not willing to undergo the very treatment that I recommended to, literally, most people I know with back troubles.


Finally, my husband physically brought me to the VAX-D center, and I succumbed to become a VAX-D patient. THANK GOD! My symptoms were markedly relieved (I would never say 100% because I didnít want to jinx myself!) within the first few sessions. Continuing the treatments, the VAX-D technician kept her promise. Just five weeks after my acute herniation, I was able to fully enjoy (actually wallow in) our 15 year anniversary trip, both my husband and I free of back pain! Need I say more? For the appropriate patients,I recommend VAX-D as a first treatment of choice.




Sandra Fallico, M.D.




John Flynn
Real CPA, Phoenix Arizona

I have degenerative disc disease. I have three herniated discs in my lower back. I was diagnosed after an MRI about a year ago. I had back pain for several years that was getting progressively worse. The diagnosis only confirmed what I suspected. I had chiropractic care for a while, but that became less effective as my discs degenerated. I tried physical therapy. That also helped for a while, but then became less effective. I had shots in my lower back, but they were ineffective.

I consulted with a neurosurgeon's assistant, but my condition was not bad enough to warrant the risks associated with surgery. It was bad enough to cause daily pain, however. The pain was at its worst after I had played a round of golf. The twisting and bending motion of the golf swing puts tremendous pressure on the lower back.

Two chiropractors, two physical therapists and one M.D. had suggested that I should stop playing golf. That was not an option for me as the game is one of my strong passions in life.

I was determined to continue to work toward finding relief from my back pain and continuing to enjoy playing golf. I researched degenerative disc disease on the Internet and VAX-D Medical Centers' web sit came up in my search engine. It looked interesting.

The concept of the treatment is logical - discs compress with degenerative disc disease, so decompressing the discs should provide relief. I made an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon and asked him about VAX-D Medical Centers. He had not heard of it. He said he wasn't sure if it would help, but thought that it could not harm me. I have a friend who is a neurosurgeon. He had also not heard of VAX-D, but as a favor to me, did a little reading and told me the same thing - it may not help, but it couldn't hurt.

I had 25 treatments over the course of two months. I took 12 treatments before I noticed any improvement, but my condition improved steadily after that. After the 25th treatment, I felt better than I had in years!

John Flynn


Steve Frellick
Chicago Illinois

I sustained a serious injury to my low back at the L4-L5 level, in a work related accident. I was in bed for 2 weeks. I then started VAX-D treatments.

I felt it is important to note that I have been athletic my entire life, playing college level baseball and basketball. I have continued this lifestyle, keeping fit and staying active. My profession is that of home builder and renovator, so my work is extremely physical also.

My severe back problems adversely affected both my professional life and my ability to handle my job. I have put up with a lot of pain over the years, choosing to deal with it and do my best. When I couldnít get down on the floor to play with our newborn daughter, I knew I had to do something. Fortunately, my physician approached me about having VAX-D, and as they say, the rest is history.

It is not an overstatement to say that VAX-D changed my life. There are literally hundreds of everyday little things that I can now experience pain free, including wrestling and playing with my 2 year old daughter!



Steve Frellick


Richard Goulding, M.D.
Otolaryngology, Palm Bay, Florida

I thought I'd overdone one of my workouts, and that the pain would eventually work itself through. When I reached to pick up my laptop computer and an excruciating pain shot down my leg, I knew that I hadn't simply overworked my muscles; something was definitely wrong.. I figured I had four options, I could do nothing, and learn to live with the pain, I could have epidural injections, but one of my friends went that route and ended up with a cerebral spinal fluid leak. I could schedule surgery and run the risk of further complications from scar tissue. I know people who've had surgery and they say they never came back 100%. Or, I could have VAX-D.

VAX-D is a medical decompression technique that creates a powerful vacuum inside the discs of the lumbar spine. Precise measurements of tension and pressure guide the specific use of VAX-D and allow the specially trained therapist to target decompression to the specific level of spinal dysfunction. The negative pressure of the vacuum draws the herniated disc back into its proper orientation, draws nutrient-rich spinal fluid into the disc, and stimulates repair cells, effectively mending the disc.

My wife had a herniated disc that was treated with VAX-D and following her regimen she was completely cured, and I wanted to know if it was the right procedure for me. I was in such pain that I was literally crawling across the floor. I'd have done almost anything to gain some relief, but if I could be treated with VAX-D, that was my first choice. It is important to get a good diagnostic assessment before selecting a remedy because medical science is developing more options for the patient than ever before. By understanding a patient's condition thoroughly, we increase the chances of avoiding surgery, and today, approximately ninety-five percent of back pain sufferers can be treated non-surgically.

I know it sounds impossible, but I could feel VAX-D working. I had relief from my pain for several hours after my first treatment, and that's what I find so impressive about it. Nothing is completely risk-free, but this is close, and all more invasive options were just that - invasive. Not to try VAX-D first to relieve pain like mine just didn't make sense to me. The result was 100% relief from my pain with this treatment. I think it's awesome.


David Ivancic
Organ Transplant Specialist,
Department of Surgery
Northwestern University Medical School

The pain that I was enduring was the most excruciating I have ever known. I could not stand or walk, and there was absolutely no relief! I could not enjoy my family or play with my kids and I was faced with a very successful real estate career coming to an end.

My doctor suspected a ruptured disc and the MRI confirmed it. I was quickly referred to a neurosurgeon because of loss of reflex in my leg and concerns of permanent nerve damage. "No way out but surgery", I was told. "What are the risks?", I asked. "Typical surgical risks: Death, Coma, Paralysis and Infection!" came the reply.

I resigned myself to the risks if it meant an end to the pain. But at the 11th hour a nurse friend contacted us, having heard of a wonderful new treatment called VAX-D. I couldn't possibly have been more skeptical, but considering the alternative, I decided to aggressively do the therapy for 2 weeks . . .

It worked! No fooling, I am pain free and back to work. I am in a maintenance phase of the treatment and the wonderful therapists at VAX-D Medical Centers are assisting me in the exercises that I need to do to avoid this kind of injury in the future. Thank you, Lord, for VAX-D!


Robin Linck


Bonnie Peebles
Homemaker, Tulsa, Oklahoma
as told by,
Dr. David Duncan,
Anesthesiology & Pain Mgmt.-Columbia Healthcare

Not that long ago, Bonnie Peebles was delivering the first of her two children and beginning the happiest time of her life. Bonnie then found out she had Crohnís Disease, an intestinal disorder. To combat her disease, doctors placed Bonnie indefinitely on high dose steroids which caused her to gain 100 pounds. A large disk then slipped out of place forcing her to use a walker. After time, she developed disuse atrophy of the muscles requiring her to use a wheelchair. Ultimately she was confined to an electric wheelchair requiring the use of braces to keep herself vertical.

"I hurt all the time and I could not get out of the electric wheelchair," said Bonnie. " My lower back and legs hurt and I did not think it would improve. " "I just thought the pain would continue to get worse and go on forever." At Columbia Healthcare Specialty Hospital, the long-term acute care branch of Columbia Doctors Hospital, a combined program was developed for her which included physical therapy, a weight loss program and a treatment for her inflammatory bowel disease. "The main reason Bonnie was eventually confined to the electric wheelchair was because of the non-use of her muscles. It was just too painful for her to walk and get around because of the disk.

At the lowest point of her life, crippled and unable to care for herself, she happened to meet David Duncan MD, at the hospital. What originally caused Bonnie problems was the weight gain and the bulging disk - a corrected disk would greatly help in the recovery process. Duncan placed her on a 20 - treatment program of VAX-D. Bonnie found nearly instant results. After a few treatments she started walking with the aid of parallel bars. A few more treatments allowed her to stand by herself and eventually take her first steps in years. "One of my goals was to have her move out of the nursing home and get her own place," said Duncan.

The VAX-D worked for Bonnie, who recently completed her treatments. She reached one of her personal goals by walking 3 1/2 un-aided miles at a recent walk for multiple sclerosis!

Bonnie was facing a future in which she could not hope to walk without assistance. Less than one year later with the help of Columbia Specialty Hospital she has been able to free herself from her wheelchair and with each passing day the doors to her future are opening. Dr. Duncanís treatment plan has given Bonnie the chance to do something she hasnít been able to do for a long time, walk ahead and think of a future without a wheelchair and without the agonizing pain in her back.


Linda Peterson
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Before VAX-D, I had spent six months in a back brace that I needed special clothes for. I had a lot of difficulty walking, because of my back pain, and as a result, I had to give up a lot of activities. I was told by my physician that the only option that I had to get rid of my back pain was surgery.

I then started VAX-D treatments at the VAX-D Center in Pittsburgh. I had twenty session for about a month, following all of their instructions religiously in order to get the best results of the procedure.

I am happy to say that it has been over a year since I completed VAX-D, and my back pain is still gone. I feel like a normal person again, as I can now walk my dog, get up after a train ride as well as out of bed every morning without any pain.

Even with these results, I remain realistic in that I know I am no longer 20 years old and cannot partake in everything that I once did. Nonetheless, VAX-D has taken away the fear that I once had of performing my everyday activities. Simply put, it gave me my life back!


Linda Peterson


Roger Ray
Sheriff, Department of Justice

My name is Roger Ray and Iím 45 years of age. Iím pretty active in sports, but about 20 years ago I injured my back on the job. Iím not really sure how I did it but the results were I had a herniated disc. The disc has caused me problems off and on, and I had it looked at by several doctors to see what relief I could get. Basically, it was pain-killers, aspirin and hot packs for the back etc. That worked well for awhile, but as you know, we get older and when that occurred, or as it is occurring now, the pain would be a little bit more intense, and it was more sciatic pain going down the side of my leg.

That caused me not to be as active as I would like to be, and I did not like taking the medication to ease the pain so that I could play basketball. I really enjoy the sport, itís a lot of contact and I would do anything I could to be able to play. After trying just about everything you could think of, I knew that I would have to give up playing entirely, unless I could find some avenue for relief. Most of the doctors had always told me that surgery was the only solution to this problem. I was scared to death of surgery, I did not want surgery, and to this day do not want surgery.

Always looking for alternatives, one day when I was looking in the health section of a local newspaper here, I saw where there was an ad for relief of back pain without surgery. I seized upon that and my spirits got pretty high. I thought I would check the facility and what was going on there because it was a new machine or something.

I really couldnít get much from the ad, but in making a few phone calls, I got the basics of the VAX-D Table. I checked it out with some of the doctors that I have confidence in, and they all told me that eventually one day that I would beg for the surgery. They said that this was not going to do me any good, and that it was probably some quackery someone had thought up to make a quick buck.

After going to two or three doctors again trying to check out this procedure (because I wanted to have some hope in it) it came down to me visiting the clinic to see what the people where like. I found everyone to be very pleasant and very professional . I felt I didnít have anything to lose. They were not offering anything that was going to harm me, it was something that I could very easily do. It is not exerting, it takes a little time but the end result if it worked would be that I wouldnít have the pain that I had before and I wouldnít have to take the medication to play basketball which I love to do.

So I signed up for the 15 treatments on the VAX-D Table and the first couple of days I felt it was really not doing anything for me, so I was kind of skeptical. I was having negative thoughts that this was not going to work but they kept me at it, and I was keeping my appointments and I was doing what I was asked to do as far as being careful and not doing much activity as I was going through the process.

I guess it was about the ninth or tenth day I started noticing that the pain was not on the left side and I was kind of concerned because I thought it had moved to the right side but that lasted only for a day or so.

I donít know how it works, or what all the mechanics are. I know it decompresses the spine and pulls the disc back into place, or it takes the pressure off the nerve endings that were causing me the pain, because I have not had that pain since then.

So I wholly endorse the VAX-D Table in my case because I feel it has given me a new lease to go out and do the things that I had not been able to do, with the confidence that I had before. Things are quite different now, I do not have to change position 15 times when I sit down to talk to some one, I donít have to get up and move around to try and relieve the pain on my left side and it is just great.

I would recommend it to anyone. I donít know it would work for everyone but it worked for me and Iíve had the pain for over 20 yearsÖÖso I think that it has been a god-send Öreally!

Roger Ray


Earnest A. Reiner, M.D.
Internal Medicine, Tampa Florida

I am a practicing internist in Tampa Florida and believe the following summary of my personal history and medical report might be of interest to others suffering from similar problems.

Because of left leg pains and bilateral symptoms of pseudo-claudication, it was necessary to have spinal surgery in December of 1985. Severe spinal stenosis and herniated disc were noted at the L3-L4 level at that time. Good results were obtained and I remained essentially symptom free until January 1996. At that time, left back and leg pain were noted abruptly. Symptoms were relieved somewhat after bed rest and steroids. An MRI taken at the time revealed a diffuse area of stenosis of the canal from the L2-L3 to the L5-S1 levels. These were most severe at the L2-L3 level where there was a component of a herniated disc. Other than persistent left lateral foot numbness and moderate back discomfort on standing, I was able to continue all medical activities and also engage in doubles tennis which is one sport I particularly enjoy even with some discomfort.

In June 1999, after a brief trip requiring heavy baggage handling, extremely severe right-sided pain developed. This was aggravated by weight bearing. All studies were again repeated and the following findings noted.

At L1-L2 there was a mild disc bulge. At L2-L3 there was a left ventral defect with compression of the nerve roots. At L3-L4 there was a slight ventral subluxation of the L3 on L45 with ventral flattening of the thecal sac and right postero-lateral extrinsic compression of the thecal sac noted. This appeared to be due to large marginal osteophytes and perhaps disc protrusion in the right foramina. At L4-L5 there was ventral and right, more that left, ventrolateral compression by the disc disease and osteophytic spurs. At L5-S1 there was ventral indentation associated with a narrowed disc space.

Because of the findings of these multi-level disc herniations and bony stenosis, and because of the persistence of right sciatic pain, it was felt that a combined procedure was necessary. A wide decompressive laminectomy followed by spinal fusion at multiple levels was scheduled to be done by a neurosurgeon /spinal surgeon.

In the interim period while awaiting surgery, routine physical therapy was carried out with no change in symptoms. I donated blood in anticipation of the surgery.

On evening in a state of frustration and depression, I turned on my computer. I searched out " lumbar stenosis" and the first article that stuck my attention was " an alternate to back surgery". This was an article describing " Vertebral Axial Decompression" ( VAX-D).

By what must be considered divine intervention, I dialed the 800 number listed with the article. I spoke at the time to Dr. Frank Tilaro, the medical director of VAX-D. We spoke of my problems and although we agreed I was faced with serious complications that could effect the level of response he suggested in my case it would be certainly worth considering VAX-D before resorting to surgery. Although the by-line on the article was Utah I found that Dr. Tilaro was speaking to me from the VAX-D head office in Palm Harbor Florida only 28 miles from my home. I made arrangements to see him the next day at which time arrangements were made for me to receive VAX-D treatments in Palm Harbor.

I made 28 daily trips, each day five days a week, to the office where I received the VAX-D treatment. Each treatment session lasted about 30 to 45 minutes. By the fifteenth session my progress was sufficient that I cancelled the surgery. After 28 treatments, that is within six weeks, I was pain free.

I am most happy to say that now for the past 18 months, since completing my course of therapy, I have remained in remission, the numbness in my left foot has cleared and I am able to continue my medical duties as well as play golf and tennis several times a week. I have had no recurrence of problems with my back to date, in spite of active participation in frequent sport activities.

I am the most grateful person on the face of the earth for having been directed to this non-surgical alternative to back pain treatment. It will be my legacy in life to bring this treatment to my hometown. It is inconceivable that this new and different manner
of decompression of intervertebral discs and facet joints is not better known. It is most difficult to understand, as a physician and patient, why this proven non-surgical treatment is not covered by all insurance carriers and Medicare but also is not routinely recommended prior to surgical intervention.

For my extremely severe multilevel lumbosacral pathology VAX-D was truly a lifesaver.


Earnest A. Reiner, M.D.


Jan Robinette
Palm Desert, California

Thank you for VAX-D. It enabled me to get my life back! Twice! I am now working with VAX-D patients after 10+ years of not being able to work.

In 1987 I herniated 2 discs. In 1989 I had a bi-level laminectomy and discectomy at L4-L5 and L5-S1. The first words I heard after the surgery were, "You will probably require more surgery". I had relief until mid 1991. Then the same symptomatology as pre-surgery returned. I was classified as "Failed Back Syndrome". In 1994 I was told that the only way I would ever get any relief was to have my lumbar area cleaned up to have a fusion with rods and screws.

I did not want another surgery as I am very much into alternative medicine. In October of 1995, I found VAX-D! I had 45 treatment session over 7 weeks. I was quote - "a challenge". I had remarkable results! I got the feeling back in my left leg and foot, and the back pain was gone. I was able to take classes to become a massage therapist. Because I live 130 miles from the VAX-D facility, and my insurance company failed to see the importance of my maintenance treatment sessions, I got to where I was homebound again because of the pain. I was back were I was. Not a good feeling or place to be - because I knew there was relief with VAX-D.

On September 10, 1997, I began VAX-D Therapy at a new VAX-D center nearby. Again, I had remarkable results at a much faster rate than the first series. My pinched nerve was released during the 12th session versus the 24th previously. In March, I began working at the VAX-D Clinic operating the VAX-D Table! I find it very rewarding to see other people experience relief from their pain and know they are able to enjoy life without surgery. It is my goal to help more people experience this same relief from pain. Thank you again. I am most grateful to have my life back !!!


Jan Robinette


Dominic Scaglione
St. Louis Missouri

"The pain got so intense I had to go to the hospital," says Dominic Scaglione, a St. Louis resident and recent patient at the Back Pain Institute of St. Louis. "I had severe low back pain, pain shooting down my left leg and I had a difficult time walking because I couldnít control my left foot, the doctors called it foot drop."

Everyone has experienced pain in their lives. But when oneís back and leg hurts, it can affect his or her entire body. This was the case with Dominic. Poor posture, lack of exercise and overexertion caused Dominicís condition.

"I had a herniation in my L4/L5 disc and a degenerated disc at L5/S1, "says Dominic. The MRI showed that the disc was pushing on my spinal cord and that caused the back pain and foot drop."

After Dominicís visit to the hospital, they wanted him to undergo surgery right away. His neurosurgeon told him he had one of the worst herniated disc cases he had ever seen and there was a chance after undergoing surgery, his condition may still remain. "I was really upset" says Dominic.

"My wife who is an advocate for non-invasive procedures talked me into holding off on the surgery and check out this new procedure called VAX-D."

VAX-D, short for Vertebral Axial Decompression, is a FDA approved, non-surgical, mechanized decompression system that was developed by a leading physician in Canada. Clinical research has shown outstanding results, even when surgery and other types of treatment have failed. VAX-D has proven to be over 70% effective in the treatment of herniated discs, degenerated discs, facet syndrome and sciatica. VAX-D creates a vacuum effect within the disc drawing the herniation back into place and drawing fluids back into the disc so they can heal. After the comprehensive treatment...

VAX-D not only stops the pain but can also significantly improve the mobility of oneís back.

"Dr. Ferris turned this whole experience into a positive thing", says Dominic. "He explained that if I decided on VAX-D and it didnít help, I could always have the surgery but if I had the surgery first and it didnít help I might not be able to be helped with VAX-D. I started VAX-D the week of Thanksgiving and continued through the second week in January. I could feel myself getting better after the first treatment. I was able to continue working.

Now all my pains are gone and I no longer have the problem with my foot. I have full mobility and my whole body feels wonderful. Iíve actually started working out again. It was a wonderful experience from the moment I walked in."


Dominic Scaglione.


Ralph E. Scott Jr.
Staff Sergeant, United States Marine Corps

I have been an active duty member of the Marine Corps for thirteen years.

I started to have shooting pain and throbbing pain down my left leg starting from my waist in January of 2002. My daily routine was one in which when I woke in the morning I had to lay in bed for about 10 minutes before I could even attempt to stand. When I did stand, I had to roll off of the bed. When I would shave or brush my teeth, I would have to prop my body down onto my left arm across the sink because I had no ability to stand. The pain in my left leg was unbearable. To get dressed in my uniform I would have to get down on both knees. Putting my boots on was the most painful event I would have to do. Sneezing would be a close second.

At work I could not perform as I was accustomed to. Many times throughout my day I would have to lie on the floor in my office and conduct business that way. When I would return home it was so I could go lay down in my bed until the next morning, where I would get to relive this all over again.

I was sent by my primary medical care provider, 3d Marine Regiment Aid Station, to be seen at the Kaneohe Bay Branch Medical Clinic's Physical Therapy Department. There I was seen by the Commander. After he examined me he said he was sure I have a bulging or slipped disc possibly touching a nerve close to my spine.

While waiting for a CT scan I was given some exercises to try. I was believed that these exercises could move the disc off of the nerve, if not work to disc back into alignment. At that same consultation I was referred to the Physical Medicine department of Tripler Army Medical Center. At TAMC I was seen by Dr. Kaul. He also told me he thought I had a disc problem. He prescribed some pain medication for me. We had to try a few different types before settling for Roxicet because nothing else would help relieve my pain. He told me about an injection that might be called an ESI. I was able to get the CT scan on March 1st.

The CT scan showed that I had two slipped discs. The L4-L5 and the L5-S1.

At K-Bay I tried traction to see if it could help stretch out my spine to relieve some of the pressure on my disc. The traction machine made me hurt more than I was already hurting (which was a lot). I received the injection on March 25th. The injection did not help my condition at all. In fact it made the pain more intense.

All the while Dr. Kaul and I discussed the possibility of surgery I was not very interested in surgery, so he told me that there wasn't anything more that he could do for me.

Time would have to heal me. I was given a TENS unit by the Physical Therapy Department at Kaneohe Bay Branch Medical Clinic. I tried that for about a month. At first I felt some relief but after awhile it also provided no relief. I was then told by Commander Towle that he too could not do anything else for me.

On the 1st of June I received an MRI. The MRI confirmed that the L4-L5 and L5-Sl disc where slipped but it also showed that the L3-L4 had some sign of degeneration.

In the middle of July my wife saw a commercial on T.V. advertising a non-surgical procedure for disc recovery. It is called the VAX-D. I had never heard of this procedure so my wife and I made an appointment to go see what it was. On 26 July we met with Dr. Ronald Peroff. He looked at the film of my CT scan and my MRI.

He told us about the VAX-D machine and how it came to be. As part of my visit I was able to receive one session. After the session I felt a little sore from the stretching my body had just been through, but not in the same way as I had after the traction treatment. When we left Dr. Peroff's office and were at our car I had already noticed that the pain in my body had almost subsided. I was amazed to say the least. I could not believe the relief I felt after a 30-minute session. My wife and I drove straight to Tripler to talk with Dr. Kaul about getting me referred to Dr. Peroff for treatment. Dr. Kaul was not in at the moment so we put the information in an envelope for him. Over the weekend I was living my life as if I had no problems with my disc.

The following week I received a call from Dr. Kaul. He told me that I would not get any financial help for the VAX-D treatment. I told him that I felt better after the one session and that I thought it was a good idea to try it. He told me that the traction machine could be made to copy the procedure. I told him that I had already tried traction and that it made my condition worse. Later that same week, I received a call from Commander Towle asking me to come back in to see him. He said that he spoke with Dr. Kaul and that he could adjust the traction machine to work in different ways. When I went back in he re-examined me and said that he felt the disc went back into a dormant state. He suggested that I try manipulation from my Regimental surgeon who is a certified bone manipulator. The new traction and the manipulation seemed to work because I was not in as much pain as before. At this time I was still having trouble sleeping.

About the first week of October the pain returned as intense as it had ever been. My wife and I decided to sell back sixty days of leave and sign up for 20 treatments of the VAX-D. The 20 treatment plan also included four weekly visits as maintenance, to be conducted as soon as the last daily treatment was rendered. By the time I had completed 10 sessions I no longer had a need for the Roxicet, though I still needed pain medicines of a lower caliber. After the 20 sessions we talked more with Dr. Peroff about my condition. He told me to continue with 10 more daily sessions, at no charge if need be before I try to start my four weekly sessions.

By the time I completed these extra 10 sessions, I no longer had a need for pills of any type for a regular relief of my pain. I completed my four weekly sessions the first week of January. My wife and I once again sat down with Dr. Peroff to talk about my condition. Although I had received the number of treatments we had paid for, the Doctor had made available the option to continue coming for treatments at no cost if necessary. I needed to continue the treatment for an additional 23 sessions.

I believe that I was an extreme case and that had I not had to wait so long, my treatment cost could have be much less. I was deployed in mid February and have not been able to receive further treatments on the VAX-D. I have not had a need for pain medication since my last treatment.

I am now back living my normal, pain free life and it is all because of the VAX-D and the generous attitude of Dr. Peroff.


Tammy Seal
St. Louis Missouri

On September 12, 2000, Tammy Seal lay on the floor of her home in pain. With tears of pain in her eyes, she slowly pulled on her telephone cord, inching the receiver closer and closer. Tammy was desperate for help. Over the last two years, Tammy hurt every day. "My back problem was very bad," says Tammy. "I was becoming paralyzed on my left side. I had no feeling in my feet. They were cold and blue. I couldnít work. All I could do was lay flat on my back on the floor in pain. I had to try something. That day I saw an article in the newspaper describing a new back treatment that could help relieve the pain of herniated and degenerated discs. I called a VAX-D Center in St. Louis to see how soon I could get in."

"The reason that my discs were ruptured was due to a fall I had taken down cement steps in 1998," says Tammy. "Not only had I ruptured my lower lumbar discs, I also broke my tailbone. The physician at the VAX-D center, Dr. Hoffman MD confirmed that I had herniated discs in my lower back."

According to Robert Hoffman, "these discs are normally filled with fluid and flexible. In Tammyís case, they had become dry and were degenerating, herniations that were putting pressure on the nerves in her back and legs. She appeared to be an ideal case for VAX-D."

"I began VAX-D treatments immediately. VAX-D allowed my discs to decompress so they could be rejuvenated with fluids and heal themselves," says Tammy. "Itís a self-healing process with the help of a machine. As I progressed with the treatments, I started feeling better. The feeling was back in my legs. It was a miracle. I had been to over 15 doctors in three different states trying to find a solution to my back pain.

While the doctors knew from MRIs that I had herniated discs, none of them were treating that problem. They saw my symptoms and told me that I either had osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis. I felt like no one was listening to me. I was taking the same tests each time I saw a new doctor.

The tests never confirmed that I had any of these problems. I became so depressed from my inability to take care of myself and function that one doctor even said my symptoms were a result of my depression. I was given anti-inflammatory medicine which left me barely able to eat causing my weight to drop. I thought I was dying without knowing why or what from."

"When I arrived at the VAX-D clinic, I hadnít worked for many months. VAX-D has given me my life back. If you have been told nothing can be done for your back problem, you should consider VAX-D. Donít wait until you are incapacitated. I donít want anyone to suffer like I did. I believe this treatment saved my life!"


Tammy Seal


Eric Taylor
Attorney at Law
President Taylor Media Services
St. Louis Missouri

My name Is Eric Taylor, I am 54 years old, and I am an attorney, I have suffered with low back pain for approximately 25 years. I have had everything from physical therapy to acupuncture, and surgical procedures from Chymopapain Injections to a Laminectomy. Finally, the doctors who were treating me told me that my choice was to either try further treatment, ( which would involve steel rods surgically implanted in my spine to stabilize it ), or to Put up with the pain and live my life as best as possible. I have done so for the last 20 years, and I have found that chiropractic manipulation gave me some relief. Lately, though, I noticed increasing pain and numbness in my left thigh and right foot.

I have now had close to 40 treatments, it took about 6 weeks for me to start feeling better, and then I noticed a sudden improvement revolving around a decrease in the pain in my legs, and a lessening of the numbness In my right foot. As a result of this treatment, I have been able to continue working as an attorney and enjoying recreational activities outside of my work with my wife and friends.

I believe that the VAX-D has made a significant improvement in the quality of my life, because without the VAX-D treatments, I believe I would have had to consider further surgery as a result of the pain and numbness that I was experiencing. It was that uncomfortable. I would certainly recommend to other people suffering back pain which might be treated by the VAXD, to try the VAX-D before trying any other procedures. There are no drugs involved, no surgery, and the upside would seem to far outweigh any downside risks.




Joseph Tiju
Chicago Illinois

I remember that before VAX-D, there was PAIN. It was so intense that whenever I sat down, it would radiate to my right leg as well as my knee. My feet would quickly become numb. I tried to avoid anything that involved sitting and could not sleep at night because of the pain I felt. Because of this, I went to see and orthopedic surgeon. He suggested that my back pain was of a common type, and that with exercise and weight loss, it would go away. So I started to walk on treadmill. The worst part of that, of course, was getting on the equipment. I had to walk off the pain. I did that for a month and though it provided some relief, it was only temporary.

I then went to the VAX-D center in Chicago and had a total of 25 VAX-D treatment sessions. After 4 or 5 of these, the numbness in my feet was gone. I noticed relief of pain after 9
or 10 treatments and by the 20th, I felt so good that honestly thought I didnít need any more. The physician there recommended that I do 5 additional session, and I have to say, that was the best advice that I had received in a long time. At the end of the last 5, my back pain was completely gone.

I am very thankful now that I did not have surgery as I have read about people who went that route and had no success. I feel that I made the right decision as far as treatment for my low back in taking VAX-D Therapy. Iím just glad it was there at a time when I really needed it!


Joseph Tiju


Bruce Wilkerson
Offensive Lineman with Green Bay Packers
and Super Bowl Champion

Bruce Wilkerson is a veteran NFL offensive lineman with the Green Bay Packers. "If I would of known about VAX-D I might still be playing. Years of playing football had caught up with my body. The pain kept me from being at my best.

All my life I could control what I did and how I did it. Walking or standing was uncomfortable. I would wake up nightly with back pain. I tried injections, medication, and thought surgery was the only option.

My father told me about a new treatment called VAX-D. It has changed my life. My daily activities are back to normal.

I now sleep without pain. If you have discomfort or have been told you have no option but surgery do what I did. Call about VAX-D!"